Retail/Casual Dept. Individual Runs – Client Terms and Conditions

This document contains the terms and conditions between Corinthian International Parking Services (“CIPS”) and Client. This contract shall be deemed to be fully in force when signed or when the Client has made any payments to secure the dates to reserve the equipment. You are therefore requested to carefully read this entire document before you sign it.

Itinerary: Client will receive a confirmation of their itinerary and routing information when the initial deposit is taken. It is important that the itinerary be as accurate and detailed as possible to reserve the proper vehicles and staff to accommodate your trip. CIPS’ Driver will be provided with a copy of the trip sheet and itinerary, and the Driver will be instructed to strictly follow it. The driver has no authority to make changes to the trip schedule without prior approval from CIPS. If Client requests a change to their itinerary and it is approved, client shall be responsible for all additional hourly charges plus any additional fees incurred. All itineraries are subject to review and approval by CIPS 7 days prior to departure. CIPS must abide by the rules and regulations from The Department of Transportation for driver’s “on duty” and “off duty” restrictions.

Additional Charges: Client is responsible for actual fees and costs related to road/bridge tolls, parking, and park entrance/attraction fees which will appear as Additional Charges in the final bill. For overnight charters, client must provide each driver with appropriate accommodations, including a single, non-smoking hotel room. See below “Driver Room” “Cancellations/Refunds”, “Cleaning Fee, Repairs or Damage” for more details about additional charges that may apply.

Driver Room: Client is responsible for driver(s) lodging on any overnight charter. Client must provide each driver with a single non-smoking hotel room, with a private restroom. Lodging in the form of tents or cabins are not permitted. The hotel must be within 10 miles of the group’s location and must provide accessible bus parking on site. Client must submit the proposed accommodation in advance to CIPS and the Driver’s lodging will be subject to approval by CIPS.

Payments/Terms: A deposit of one half the total amount of your event Quote is required to hold the vehicle(s) for your event. The remaining balance of the Quote is due 7 days before your event. The final bill will be due immediately after the event and will include any Additional Charges, cleaning fees, damages fees, cancellation fees, or any additional fees incurred. Client is responsible for providing CIPS with accurate credit card payment information to pay each fee. CIPS reserves the right to cancel the charter agreement if the payment terms have not been agreed upon. Payment shall be credit card with email receipt from CIPS.

Cancellations/Refunds: In the event of a cancellation, a $50 cancellation fee (per vehicle) will apply, (excluding airport transfers). Vehicles cancelled at least 30 days prior to the scheduled departure will be refunded their initial deposit. Vehicles cancelled with less than 10 days prior notice may not be refunded and the cancellation fee may apply to each vehicle reserved. Cancellations(s) can be made by phone, (408) 377-5466 or email,

Liability: CIPS shall not be deemed in breach of its obligations, if such failure or delay is due to Acts of God, natural disasters, national, state, or local states of emergency, acts of war or terrorism, labor strike or lock-out, or other industrial or transportation accidents caused by any third party, any violation of law, regulation, or ordinance by any third party, or any other cause not within the control of CIPS.