Ensuring the Safety of Your Students

At Corinthian Transportation and Parking, the safety of your students is our paramount concern. Compliant with the regulations set by the California Highway Patrol, our charter buses for school-sanctioned trips hold active School Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) certification. Every driver and bus employed by Corinthian for student transportation is SPAB certified, underscoring our commitment to providing a secure and reliable transport environment.

School Event Charter Bus & Minibus Rentals

Planning a field trip for your students? Opting for charter buses enhances the reliability and comfort of the experience for both children and staff. Our meticulously maintained and sanitized fleet, coupled with professional drivers, guarantees the highest standards of comfort and safety.

Corinthian’s Commitment to Safety:

  1. SPAB Certification: All charter buses transporting students are mandated to possess active SPAB certification, ensuring compliance with California Highway Patrol regulations.
  2. Diverse Fleet: Our fleet comprises carefully maintained charter buses and mini-buses, offering a range of seating capacities from 18-passenger mini-buses to luxurious 56-passenger charter buses for school field trips.
  3. Tailored Services: Customize your transportation plan to meet the specific needs of your group, whether it’s a school field trip, sports event, or any other educational outing.

Sports Travel for Schools and Colleges

Elevate the travel experience to sports competitions with Corinthian Transportation. Our climate-controlled buses ensure relaxation for athletes during transit, while ample luggage space accommodates team equipment. Experience memorable journeys without compromising on space and comfort.

Safety First:

  1. Compliance with Regulations: Corinthian strictly adheres to California Highway Patrol regulations and SPAB certification standards.
  2. Rigorous Maintenance: Our buses undergo regular maintenance and inspections to ensure their optimal condition for every journey with your students and faculty.
  3. Qualified Drivers: All our drivers undergo background checks and possess full licenses, providing assurance that your students are in capable and safe hands.

Connect with one of our skilled reservationists today to discuss your specific requirements and secure safe and reliable transportation for your student or school event.