The Covid-19 pandemic hit the business travel and transportation industries hard as the ability to travel was limited to reduce the spread of the virus. As businesses begin to welcome employees back to the office, they are met with a significant challenge of reestablishing trust, confidence, and ensuring productivity. With growing access to company events and conferences, businesses must ensure their transition back to the office enables success for all departments within the organization.

According to, “US business travelers are leading the charge at 47% recovery as of January 2021.”

Corinthian Transportation and Parking has continuously provided transportation and valet services throughout the Greater Bay Area during the course of the pandemic. We are eager to assist your organization’s return to campus. With unapparelled rider experiences, enhanced live GPS technology capabilities including contact tracing feature, Corinthian Transportation and Parking provides safe and dependable options.  

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All Covid-19 safety precautions and protocols will be met as city, county, state and federal guidelines and recommendations still direct everyone to assure this pandemic is minimized and eventually silenced.

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