There is nothing quite like the Pacific Coast Highway in California, famous for having some of the best scenic locations in the United States. From large redwoods to active animal life, and waves crashing into the sand, every moment along Highway 1 is picture perfect.

Corinthian Transportation and Parking has been locally owned and operated in Campbell CA for over 30 years, we love exploring local communities throughout the Greater Bay Area alongside our guests. One of our favorite Scenic Tours close to home is Santa Cruz CA.

Spend a few hours in downtown Santa Cruz visiting local vintage shops, shoes and clothing stores, restaurants, and cafes. Santa Cruz is proud to have family owned and operated businesses open and enthusiastic about providing visitors with unique and exciting experiences. In perfect time for sunset, make your way nearly 1 minute from downtown to West Cliff Drive, a well-known and memorable coastal drive. As you make your way past Cowells Beach and past the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum and Light House, you’ll see surfers in and out of the water of Steamers Lane, bystanders enjoying the glow of the sun coming off of the ocean.  At the end of the West Cliff drive is the remarkable Natural Bridges State Beach is known for its unique naturally created bridge-shaped rock formation. On most clear evenings, this parking lot is stacked with locals enjoying the scenic view right in their front yards. 

All Covid-19 safety precautions and protocols will be met as city, county, state and federal guidelines and recommendations still direct everyone to assure this pandemic is minimized and eventually silenced.

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